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You can redeem your points on the monthly ARTDOT membership day and get big discount codes!Sign up for FREE and start your journey into craft with ARTDOT. Earn Dots toward valuable rewards & gain access to exclusives offers.

What Is ARTDOT Member Day

Every month on special dates with repeating numbers! Like February 2, March 3, April 4, May 5, and beyond, which is ARTDOT Member Day!

As a thank-you to our loyal customers, on Membership Day every month, we will share some exclusive big discounts with our members! After becoming a member, you can use your points to redeem discounts or gift cards! Only members can enjoy it.

🌟 Join us and enjoy the rewards! #ARTDOTMemberDay

Exclusive for artdot members!

Redeem on Membership Day, June 6, 2424

Click loloyal rewards in the lower right corner and log in to your account to view your points!

200 Points=20% OFF

A 20% off sitewide discount!

You can use your points to redeem discount codes!Only available on member days!

How It Works

Sign Up

Create an account on our store.

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Earn Points

Earn points for shopping or see below for more ways to earn points.

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Redeem points for discounts or free gift.

Easy Ways to Earn Dots

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Birthday = 199 Dots

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$1 = 1 Dots

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Follow on IG=19 Dots

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Share on Facebook = 19 Dots

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Refering A Friend = Get $5 coupon

Ways to Redeem Gift Card

300 Points=$10

500 Points=$50

1000 Points=$100

Frequently Asked Questions

Effective January 1, 2023, our points system will undergo its yearly clearance at the close of each annual cycle. If, for any reason, manual redemption is impractical, our system will automatically grant the associated discount at year-end, clearing your points. The process of accumulating new points will restart in 2024.

There are various ways to earn Dots! For example, we offer 99 Dots for every new suscriber and all you need to do is to click the button. Apart from daily purchase, ARTDOT will offer 299 Dots on your birthday. Also, we will try to come up with more interesting and inspring ways to earn Dots.

You can see it on the widget. You can click on "My Balance" to check your Dots and see history..

When the items are returned, the Dots will be deducted from your account as well.

You can click the wedge to check your Dots balance and select the Dots that you’d like to apply to your order. Click "Redeem" and continue to checkout, a unique code will pop out. ! You can add as many Dots as your balance permits.

Normally you will receive Dots after your order is fullfilled. However, since the server recognizes and aligns the actions in a queue, so it may takes time if the queue is long. But please contact us at if the Dots didn't show up for a long time, we will help you fix.

No, there's no cap for earning Dots, You can earn as many reward Dots as you like within a calendar year.

Click on the wedge and choose "Referral Program", go on to the button "REFER A FRIEND NOW", share e-mail with the link to your friend, and both you and your friend will get 19 Dots after he or she places an order through the link and the order is fulfilled.

Thank you for your support and promotion of ARTDOT, but we are sorry that both the like and sharing are just one-time earning rules only.