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3 ways to help you figure out where to buy diamond painting kits

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If you like crafts and art, you may have heard of the term diamond painting. Diamond painting is popular among young and middle-aged people who want to relax in their free time. Some people will complete a diamond painting with their children to cultivate their interests and hobbies. In short, diamond painting is a good thing to pass the time in your spare time. So do you know where to buy diamond painting kits? Do you know the most convenient and affordable way to buy it? If you want to know, keep reading.


What is a diamond painting kit?

Before discussing where to buy diamond painting kits, let’s first introduce what diamond painting is. Diamond painting is very similar to digital oil painting, the only difference is that digital oil painting is colored with pigments, while diamond painting is colored with small beads. Each detail on the canvas is numbered and you just need to stick the corresponding diamond beads on the detail. Since every detail is already color-coded, you don't need to plan how to color your painting. Of course, if you want to use your imagination to create with different colors, such products also exist.

A general diamond painting kit will include some necessary tools to complete diamond painting, such as canvas, diamond beads, trays, wax, tweezers, sealable bags, etc. These tools can help you complete a perfect diamond painting, and the bag can protect the diamond painting from damage. Diamond painting can be given as a gift to friends or used to decorate your home, you can frame it to make it look better. 

Where to buy diamond painting kits

If you don’t know where to buy diamond painting kits, then you can check out the following methods to see if any of them meet your needs and can help you buy your favorite diamond art kits.

Brick-and-mortar store

If you are very interested in diamond paintings and are very eager to draw a diamond painting of your own, then I recommend you to search on the map to see if there are shops and shopping malls selling diamond paintings near you. This way you can buy a diamond painting relatively quickly.

Advantages: You can pick up the goods in time. If the diamond painting you want to buy is urgent, it will take a few days to arrive when shopping online, but you can get it immediately in the physical store. And you can see the product directly without any errors.

Disadvantages: Shopping in physical stores may be more expensive, and there are fewer categories to choose from, so you need to go to the store in person, which takes a lot of energy.

Recommendation index: ★★★☆ 3.5stars

 Brick-and-mortar store

Online Shopping Website

Just like all other products, diamond painting brands will also set up their own website to sell their products. On the website, you can not only choose different models and styles of diamond paintings and accessories, but you can also learn relevant knowledge. lf you have no idea about the online diamond painting brand joining a FB group about diamond painting is an excellent way to connect with fellow enthusiasts, share experiences, and discover new online stores or resources.These groups often provide valuable insights, recommendations and a supportive community where members can discuss their passion for diamond painting. Sharing and learning from others in the community can enhance your overall diamond painting experience and help you discover new sources for supplies and kits.

Advantages: It is more convenient when purchasing diamond painting kits online, not restricted by time or location; most website offer discounts for new customers’ first orders. Subscribe to the email address of each website and receive discounts and promotions from the website to regular customers during some holidays. You can also receive notifications as soon as new products are released, and product information can be obtained more comprehensively and timely than in physical stores. There are many categories to choose from, the quality is guaranteed, the design is higher definition, the copyright of the painting content is included, and there is a return guarantee.

Disadvantages: Shipping takes some time; you can only see pictures of the product, but cannot touch the product directly. However, you can refer to it by watching customer reviews of the product or unboxing diamondpainting videos on YouTube.

Recommendation index: ★★★★☆ 4.5 stars

 Buy artdot diamond paintings and any stickers online

Online retailers platform or e-commerce App

When exploring diamond painting products ononline retailers platforms or e-commerce apps like Amazon,Aliexpress,Temu and others, you can find a wide variety of diamond painting products of different sellers and prices. However, the diamond painting kits on the general platform will lack diamonds or lack accessories, resulting in a poor diamond painting process. And many diamond paintings have not been manually corrected, resulting in blurry images. Although the pictures look beautiful, the quality of the diamond paintings is not as good as that of diamond paintings on official brand websites and physical stores.

Advantages: There are many types of goods; there are many merchants of the same type on the platform, which can be compared; the selling price is low, which has a price advantage.

Disadvantages: Although some online retailers platform or e-commerce App screen the quality of all goods, there are still certain risk quality issues; the transportation time cycle is long; the paintings on the platform do not obtain the copyright of the artist, and face the problem of product infringement.

Recommendation index: ★★★★ 4stars

 butterfly diamond painting

How to choose a diamond painting kit

After knowing where to buy diamond paintings kits, you also need to know how to choose to buy the diamond paintings you like. Consider the following factors when choosing a diamond painting:

  • Degree of difficulty:When choosing diamond paintings, you need to buy according to your own level. If you are just a beginner, it is best to buy some simple ones first, which will improve your experience.
  • Shape: Drill bits are divided into round and square. Round drill bits are easier to operate and are more suitable for beginners. Square drill bits are more challenging to use, but they make the finished product more polished.
  • Size of the canvas: is an important factor to consider when choosing a diamond painting kit. The smaller the canvas size, the shorter the time required to complete.
  • Pattern design: Choosing a pattern you like can make you more motivated to complete the work and gain a sense of accomplishment.
  • Quality: The quality of the kit is an important factor to consider when choosing a diamond paint kit. A high-quality kit will have clear, vibrant colors, and the drill bits will be consistent in size and shape.


If you really have trouble choosing, then I recommend you take a look at Artdot. This is a trustworthy brand, the products are of high quality and the designs are beautiful and high definition. For example, ARTDOT's Butterfly Diamond Painting Kits, this diamond painting is beautiful and of high quality. The canvas is crafted from premium velvet for a luxurious touch. Packed in tubes, it is convenient for transportation and storage of diamond paintings. Artdot has complete after-sales service, so you can buy with confidence.

Artdot Diamond Painting Kits package including:

1 X Anti-Wrinkle Velvet Canvas
1 X Color Code with Sticker
1 X ARTDOT's Custom Tray
1 X Washi Tape
1 X Bule Heart Wax
1 X Pen
2 X Freestyle Sticker for leftover drills
Diamond Drills Set ( Including 2~3 colors of Aurora Borealis Diamond Drills )

 Artdot Diamond paintings and accessories

By reading the above information, I believe you must have figured out where to buy diamond painting kits better. I hope you can buy the product you like. In addition, if you are a beginner, it is recommended that you read this article - A Detailed Diamond Painting Instruction for Beginners to learn more about diamond painting.

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