5 Different Types of Glue Used to Seal Diamond Painting
Diamond Painting Accessories

5 Different Types of Glue Used to Seal Diamond Painting

There are many different types of glue, what kind of diamond painting glue should be used in sealing?  Find out the answers to these questions in this article.
The-difference-between-AB-drills-diamond-painting-and-other-drills ARTDOT
Diamond Painting

The difference between AB drills diamond painting and other drills

What are the differences between these types of diamond beads? What should you pay attention to when using AB drills diamond painting in diamond paintings? Do you know this?
Light-Pad-VS-Lighted-Magnifying-Glass-on-stand-Which-light-tool-for-diamond-painting-is-best ARTDOT
Diamond Painting Accessories

Light Pad VS Lighted Magnifying Glass on stand, Which light tool for diamond painting is best?

There are many kinds of lighting accessories commonly used for diamond paintings. So, light pad vs lighted magnifying glass on stand, which light tool for diamond painting is best?
Choose the diamond painting light board sizes
Diamond Painting Accessories

Tutorial on choosing diamond painting light board sizes

How to choose the right diamond painting light board sizes? In this article, we will discuss this topic to help you better choose the light pad that suits you.
5-Things-You-Must-Know-About-Diamond-Painting-Glue ARTDOT
Diamond Painting Accessories

5 Things You Must Know About Diamond Painting Glue

There will always be situations that cause the canvas to lose its stickiness. Then diamond painting glue is needed to play its role. So what’s special about it? Please read on.
What-To-Consider-When-Choosing-a-Diamond-Painting-Pen ARTDOT
Diamond Painting Accessories

What To Consider When Choosing a Diamond Painting Pen?

As a diamond painting enthusiast, do you know what a diamond painting pen looks like? Do you know how to choose the pen that suits you?

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