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Guideline for using 10 diamond painting tools

In this article, I will introduce 10 commonly used diamond painting tools as specific usage and some suggestions, which will definitely help you improve your painting skills.

Are you a diamond painting lover? Are you a beginner or have extensive experience? What tools do you use when doing diamond painting? Do you know how to use them? Please read this article. I will introduce 10 commonly used diamond painting tools as specific usage and some suggestions, which will definitely help you improve your painting skills.

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10 useful diamond painting tools

Release paper

Applying release paper is the preparation before starting to paint. The diamond painting release paper can cover the canvas and can be easily removed without leaving any paper scraps. Using release paper to divide your canvas into different areas will allow you to complete your painting in a more organized manner.

How to use: Cover the pattern on the canvas with release paper, use a marker and ruler to mark areas on the release paper, and when you want to draw which part, use a carving knife to uncover that part of the paper.

Tips: It is recommended to use double sided release paper so you don't make a mistake and leave the wrong side facing down.

One of the diamond painting tools-Release paper

Diamond beads

Diamond beads are generally made of resin, acrylic, plastic and other materials. They are necessary to complete a diamond painting.

Shape: Diamond beads are divided into square and round. Round diamond beads are easier to use and suitable for beginners. The square diamond beads do not leave any gaps and are more neat, so the details of the picture can be clearly formed, making it more suitable for experienced diamond painting enthusiasts. Most diamond painting kits consist of 5D drill bits, meaning each side has 5 facets, there are also some 3D diamond beads, which only have 3 facets. But they are less common and less shiny than the 5D Diamond paint kit.

How to use: Use a dotting pen or tweezers to take an appropriate amount of diamond beads and place them on the canvas corresponding to the letters.

Tips: When you finish a diamond painting and there are still a lot of diamond beads left, it is recommended that you keep them for emergencies or use them to decorate all your belongings. You can purchase artdot’s Diamond Painting Storage Case for storage.

One of the diamond painting tools-diamond beads

Drill pen

A dotting pen is one of diamond painting tools used for dotting and is a standard tool in every diamond painting kit.

Pen tip: Drill pens will have different pen tips, including single drill tip, 3 drill tip, 6 drill tip and 9 drill tips. You can choose different pen tips according to your needs.

How to use: Take out the wax in the accessory, dip a pen into a certain amount of wax, and then flatten it, then you can dip the pen into the diamond beads for painting.

Tips: If you paint continuously for a long time, Pen Grippers for Diamond Painting Pens are a must-have. They can make your hands less tired and protect your hands from calluses.

One of the diamond painting tools-drill pen


Wax is also one of must-have diamond painting tools. It has a certain stickiness and can easily pick up small diamond beads.

How to use: Tear off the protective wax film, dip an appropriate amount of wax into the pen slot with a paintbrush, if you take too much you can wipe it off with your tool or your fingers and smooth it out.

Tips: When you use it, it is recommended to keep it sealed to prevent debris from sticking or drying out.

One of the diamond painting tools-wax


The tray is one of diamond painting tools holding diamond beads. It has parallel dividing lines that can well arrange the diamond beads into an orderly combination.

How to use: Pour an appropriate amount of diamond beads from the package into the tray, shake evenly to arrange the beads neatly, and that's it.

Tips: The tray will have a small opening, making it easy to pour the beads into whatever storage container you have for the drill. Artdot's trays have a unique design and can be placed in inlays. The more trays you have, the more you can place, and it is easier to take out the diamond beads.

One of the diamond painting tools-tray

Light board

Light boards are generally available in different sizes, and you can choose the appropriate size based on the size of your canvas. The light board is mainly used to illuminate your canvas, making it easier for you to see the letters on the canvas and preventing eye fatigue.

How to use: Use USB or plug to power it, then fix the canvas on the light board with a clip, turn on the switch, and adjust to your favorite brightness.

Tips: It is recommended to buy such electronic diamond painting tools from trustworthy brands. If you don't know how to choose the Best Light Pad for Diamond Painting, it is recommended to buy ARTDOT light pad, Artdot has comprehensive after-sales guarantee, and the estimated delivery time is 2-5 working days. Artdot offers you a 180-day refund policy. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it within 180 days of receipt. Artdot has excellent service so you can buy with confidence.

One of the diamond painting tools-diamond beads

Hands free magnifying glasses

Artdot Hands free magnifying glasses are a great invention for craft enthusiasts. It can help you enlarge those dense letters and numbers. There is no need to hold it with one hand like an ordinary magnifying glass, you can completely free your hands.

How to use: Install the lenses and put them on your ears like wearing glasses. Artdot's Hands Free Magnifying Glasses have 5 replaceable lenses, 3 levels of light adjustment, and a detachable headband. If the size doesn't fit, you can remove the temples and install a headband.

Tips: Just like wearing glasses, if you wear them for more than 6 hours, your eyes will feel tired. It is recommended not to wear them for a long time.

One of the diamond painting tools-Hands Free Magnifying Glasses


The canvas is included with the DIY Diamond Painting Kit order. The selected pattern design will be printed on it, and thick glue will be brushed on the pattern to allow the diamond beads to stick firmly to the canvas.

How to use: When you get the canvas, it will be covered with a layer of plastic film. You can peel off the plastic film while you are painting, but it is best not to throw it away because it can keep out dirt and keep the canvas sticky.

Tips: Different canvas materials will have different tactile sensations. Artdot's diamond painting canvas uses velvet fabric as the canvas, giving it a super soft and luxurious touch.

One of the diamond painting tools-canvas

Storage bag

Storage bag can store your diamond painting tools. Such as diamond beads, diamond brushes, trays, tweezers, and even your WIP can be easily stored. It creates a tidy environment for you to complete your painting.

How to use: Open the storage box, put the tools in order, and use a funnel to pour the diamond beads into the jar provided in the bag for storage.

Tips: Artdot’s diamond painting storage case provides a comprehensive storage solution, including a variety of basic tools. Such as foldable silicone funnel, diamond brush, tray, tweezers and more wax. It is lightweight and easy to carry, making it a must-have for home and travel.

One of the diamond painting tools-storage bag

Diamond painting folder book

Diamond Painting Folder Book is like a photo album that can store the DP you have completed or the DP you are currently working on. Keep any size diamond painting canvas organized and safe.

How to use: Open the Folder Book, find the opening of the protective film, and carefully put the diamond painting in. High-definition and transparent protective film can not only protect your canvas but also display your work well.

Tips: Folder Book will come in different sizes. The larger the size, the more canvases it can store. Artdot's diamond art folder book is available in three sizes: A1, A2, and A3. It has a useful design with sealed fasteners on the outer shell to ensure that your works will not fall out. And with an adjustable handle and lightweight design, you can easily carry it wherever you go.

 One of the diamond painting tools-Diamond Painting Folder Book

The above are some essential tools for completing diamond painting. Do you have any useful diamond painting tools? Please leave your comments and let us communicate and share experiences.

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