Diamond Art Canvas: A comprehensive guide from material to care

Diamond Art Canvas: A comprehensive guide from material to care

Generally speaking, the diamond art canvas materials for diamond paintings mainly include canvas, oilcloth and velvet cloth. There are also some brands that use their own special cloth.
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Diamond Art, is a unique handicraft. Its core materials mainly include canvas and adhesives. The diamond art canvas comes with a pattern design for users to apply diamond painting drills to create a sparkling work of art. This article will introduce you to the diamond art canvas in detail.

Material of Diamond Art Canvas

Generally speaking, the diamond art canvas materials for diamond paintings mainly include canvas, oilcloth and velvet cloth. There are also some brands that use their own special cloth, but most of them are based on innovations in canvas materials.

Specifically, each type of cloth has its own different characteristics. Oilcloth is highly durable and waterproof, and its smooth surface is conducive to the adhesion and arrangement of diamonds.

The canvas is strong and durable for long periods of spot drilling, and is pre-applied with adhesive and numbered to guide where the diamonds will adhere. Velvet cloth Velvet cloth is loved by many diamond painting enthusiasts for its soft texture and noble texture.

This material is not only comfortable to touch, but also has a unique glossy effect under light. These materials and processes are chosen to ensure that the canvas will withstand prolonged periods of spot drilling and display, resulting in a beautiful diamond painting.

How to Store Diamond Painting Canvas

Storing a diamond art canvas requires a certain amount of skill, both to prevent damage to the canvas itself and to keep it sticky and tidy. The storage of diamond paintings also depends on the situation.

It is best not to discard the clear plastic film on the diamond art  canvas until the diamond painting is complete. Because it is the best tool to isolate dust and protect the adhesiveness of the canvas. Then lay the canvas flat on a dry, flat surface. You can press the corners with heavy objects to prevent curling.

diamond art folder book

When you take a break, you can put the canvas into a diamond art folder book. Once your diamond painting is complete, you can choose to store your diamond painting by framing it. However, many people still use folder book to store canvases, because it can isolate dust and moisture and prevent the canvas from becoming moldy or dirty.

How to Make Diamond Painting Canvas Sticky Again

Over time or due to other factors, the canvas's stickiness may weaken. At this time, the following measures can be taken to restore stickiness.

  • How to clean sticky surfaces:

Gently wipe the sticky surface with a clean baby wipe to remove surface dust and impurities. The stickiness will recover after it dries naturally.

  • Steps to use adhesive to enhance stickiness:

Purchase special diamond painting adhesive and apply it evenly to the areas that have lost their stickiness. Wait a moment for the adhesive to become semi-dry before continuing to glue the diamond on.

  • Tips to prevent stickiness from disappearing:

During the production process, try to avoid touching the sticky surface directly with your hands to prevent grease and dust. When unfinished, cover the sticky surface with a protective film to prevent dust and airborne impurities from adhering.

ARTDOT diamond painting canvas

How to Choose the Size of Diamond Painting Canvas

Choosing the right diamond art canvas size is crucial for making diamond paintings, here are some suggestions:

  • Common diamond painting sizes:

The small size is suitable for beginners and simple patterns, the production time is short, and the finished product is exquisite.

The medium size is suitable for enthusiasts with certain experience, who can make more complex patterns and have better finished products.

The large size is suitable for advanced enthusiasts and art works. It takes a long time to make, but the finished product is extremely stunning.

  • Choose size according to pattern complexity:

Designs with complex patterns require a larger canvas size to ensure that the details are clearly displayed.

For simple patterns, you can choose a small size canvas, which not only saves time, but also obtains good visual effects.

  • Choose the size according to the display space:

Consider the display location of the finished product. Larger spaces such as living rooms and bedrooms are suitable for displaying large-sized canvases.

Small size canvases are suitable for display in study rooms, offices and other places with smaller spaces.

How to Get Creases out of diamond Art Canvas

In fact, we have written a detailed article before about removing creases. If you need it please click here for more information: Advice on How to Get Wrinkles Out of Diamond Painting Canvas. Here is a brief introduction to the methods of dealing with creases:

Use the roller to roll across the canvas to smooth out creases

Iron the canvas using an iron and a damp cloth

Use a heavy object to flatten out creases

ARTDOT diamond painting tube

Click on the image to purchase

If you buy ARTDOT's diamond painting, you don't have to worry about creases. ARTDOT's diamond paintings come in unique round tube packaging. This kind of packaging is not only convenient for storage and portability, but also not easy to bend, which can effectively prevent the diamond art canvas from being damaged during transportation.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced diamond painting enthusiast, ARTDOT's diamond art canvas can provide you with the best experience.

Through the diamond art canvas material, storage method, viscosity recovery techniques, size selection and crease removal methods introduced in this article, I hope to help all enthusiasts better enjoy the process of making diamond paintings. If you want to know more, please leave your questions in the comment area and I will answer them for you.

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Diamond art printed canvas without dots.

Diamond art printed canvas without dots.

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