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Choosing the Right Diamond Drills: Diamond Painting Round vs Square

You will be more equipped to choose your next diamond painting project after reading this article. This will enable you to choose wisely diamond painting round vs square.
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If you've recently taken up the captivating hobby of Diamond Painting Kit, the initial excitement might be accompanied by the question of which shape of diamonds is most suitable for your very first masterpiece. The good news is, there's truly no wrong choice – each Artdot Diamond Painting Drills adds its own unique flair to the final artwork. In this short guide, we'll explore the diamond painting round vs square to assist you in making an informed decision for your creative endeavor.

We will also discuss the visual effects, time and effort required, durability, and cost factors. Additionally, we will provide guidance on selecting canvas elements such as shape, size, and features. Lastly, we will explain how light affects the diamond painting round vs square in diamond painting.  

By reading this article, you will be able to make an informed decision for your next diamond painting project. This will help you make a well-informed choice for your next diamond painting project. 

Round vs Square

About Diamond Drill

The small, faceted pieces are placed on the diamond painting canvas to create a sparkling and colorful image that is commonly referred to as "diamond drills." However, they may also be known by other names "diamond gems","diamond beads", "rhinestones" and "sparkling gems".

Square Drills Overview

Square drills, as the name suggests, are diamond-shaped with flat edges. They provide a distinct appearance to your diamond painting canvas, making each diamond drill stand out prominently.

The diamond painting beads

Advantages of Square Drills

1) The precision offered by square drill diamond painting is unparalleled, as their edges fit together perfectly, leaving no gaps in the final design and look finished and professional. 

2)They are particularly well-suited for intricate and detailed designs that require meticulous filling. They have no trouble picking them up as opposed to round diamond drill, and do like that “snap”. 

3)They are ideal for those who want detailed diamond paintings. They create precise and clear images because of their linear shape.

4)They have more vibrancy, because it’s not showing to canvas background like the circle diamond drills do. And they look to be a better painting for color clarity and definition. 

Disadvantages of Square Drills

1) Placing these drills accurately can be a bit challenging, especially around corners and edges. 

 2)They look sloppy and out of line, they pop off if not placed perfectly and if not a consistency shape, look messy. 

 3) It is a little hard to do, more challenging and take longer for beginners, because you have to be more precise.

 4) It easier to look messy as the square are not evenly cut (but can be fix with the tool).

Round Drills Overview

Round drills, on the other hand, offer a gentler look with rounded edges. Circular diamond drills give canvas images a fluid and organic look. The composition as a whole has a softer, more laid-back feel because there are no sharp edges. People know round diamond drills as adaptable tools because they can position them quickly and with less precision than square drills. 

The diamond painting beads in the bags

5D Diamond Painting Drills

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Advantages of Round Drills

1)They are neater, shinier, easy to line up straighter and the “gaps” people are talking about do not make a difference since good canvases match the diamond drill color.  

2)Using round diamond drills, things flow better, you can enjoy doing the picture and it is done faster. The only way you actually see spaces if your up on top of the painting. The background is the same color as the diamond so it blends in nicely. And the shiny effect is more brilliant.

Disadvantages of Round Drills

1)The round looks incomplete. It leave too many gaps. 

2)The round can sometimes look like they are floating or the lines across are not straight. 

3)When using round diamond drills, you may face the problem of overlapping diamond drills, which can take more time and effort to handle.

Diamond painting square vs round

Diamond painting round vs square, both of them have their own unique qualities for visual effect and aesthetic appeal. Square diamond drills create a shiny and sparkling effect, making your diamond painting look attractive and eye-catching. On the other hand, round diamond drills offer a more natural and softer look. The lack of sharp corners in round drills contributes to a seamless and flowing design.  

The choice between square and round  diamond drills also depends on the style and theme of your design. Square drills work exceptionally well with geometric patterns and realistic portraits, highlighting intricate details. However, artists often prefer round drills for nature scenes and abstract designs that require a softer touch. 

 It eventually comes down to taste and aesthetic expression on a personal level. Think about things like the desired visual effect, the level of accuracy you feel comfortable with, and the particular project requirements. If you're hesitant, feel free to try both types of diamond drills and discover which appeals to your creative side more.

Artdot square drills vs round drills diamond painting


In conclusion, square diamond drills stand out for their precision and the sharp, defined lines they create on the canvas. These diamond drills take on a square shape, fitting neatly together like a puzzle.

In contrast, round diamond drills offer a softer aesthetic characterized by smooth curves. These diamond drills take on a circular form, and when applied to the canvas, they create a more fluid and organic appearance.

Square diamond drills are ideal for those who want detailed diamond paintings. They create precise and clear images because of their linear shape. Artists who enjoy a more laid-back and meditative approach to diamond painting often gravitate toward round drills. That's all about diamond painting round vs square. Moreover, round drills are generally recommended for beginners due to their ease of placement and forgiving nature.

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