Best diamond painting companies recommended

The 10 best diamond painting companies recommended in 2024

These 10 best diamond painting companies exist to provide this art of diamond painting, and they have won world-wide praise for their unique creativity and exquisite craftsmanship.

In this wonderful world, some works of art transcend the general category of art. They use amazing delicacy and wonderful skills to draw unparalleled paintings on tiny diamonds. These 10 best diamond painting companies exist to provide this art of diamond painting, and they have won world-wide praise for their unique creativity and exquisite craftsmanship. Now let us take a closer look at these 10 best diamond painting companies and explore what surprises the 10 diamond painting website have brought to diamond painting enthusiasts.

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Diamond Art Club

Diamond Art Club is a well-known diamond painting brand known for its high-quality products and diverse designs. They create patterns and designs primarily through their own design teams or in collaboration with artists.

Featured Products: Diamond painting kits

Pros: high-quality materials, detailed designs, and a wide variety of diamond paintings to choose from.

Cons: High price, some designs may not be suitable for beginners.



ARTDOT® is a company that specializes in selling diamond painting and diamond painting tools. They provide a variety of diamond painting related equipment, such as diamond painting storage tools, Light Pads, Magnifying Glasses, etc., so that customers can create their own diamond paintings at home. Their diamond painting canvases are usually of good quality, showing clear patterns and working with artists so the pictures are beautiful. Its products are recognized by customers for their high quality and variety.

Featured Products: Artdot Light Pad for Diamond painting, ARTDOT Diamond Painting Storage Containers

Pros: Affordable price, diverse sizes, suitable for enthusiasts of all skill levels, wide variety of diamond painting tools, good quality.

Cons: Currently there are fewer diamond paintings and fewer choices.




As one of the recommended best diamond painting companies, Paintwithdiamonds specializes in diamond painting kits and offers a custom diamond painting service. They also have many different designs and themes to cater to the interests of different groups of people.

Featured Products: Custom Diamond Painting Kit

Pros: Diverse selection, user-friendly diamond painting kit.

Cons: Quality may vary by design, some patterns may require more details, logistics security is low.



Diamond Dotz

Diamond Dotz is a company that focuses on combining diamond paintings with life. They offer custom shoes and apparel, jewelry and home décor, incorporating diamond paintings into everyday items.

Featured Products: Decorative Pillows

Pros: Technology makes finishing easier, with a wide choice of patterns.

Cons: The price is higher and some patterns may vary in quality and design.



Dreamer Designs

Dreamer Designs is a company focused on providing high quality diamond painting kits. They strive to create engaging designs so that customers can have the best possible experience when creating diamond paintings. They found a diamond painting factory in China, which produced diamond paintings and their tools.

Featured Products: Diamond Christmas Cards

Pros: Using wrinkle-resistant canvas, a variety of themes and patterns are suitable for users who are looking for challenges.

Cons: Dreamer Designs’products are more expensive, may be difficult for beginners, and have low product inventory.



Heartfuldiamonds is a company dedicated to providing support and tools to diamond painting enthusiasts. The diamond paintings they sell are mainly cartoon animation patterns, and they provide different styles of custom diamond art pens.

Featured Products: Diamond Painting Pens

Pros: Can be customized to suit different user needs.

Cons: The price is high, the pattern style is single, and there may be differences in design quality.



The one with the diamond art is a brand founded by two girls who found each other through their love of diamond painting. They offer different types of diamond painting, diamond painting tools, diamond painting materials, etc.

Featured Products: Cover Minders, Handcrafted Pen

Pros: The tools designed are innovative and the options are diverse.

Cons: The price is expensive, AB beads are available at an additional cost, and only a 30-day return policy is provided.




Although Craft-ease is one of the 10 best diamond painting companies, its business also covers oil paintings, watercolor paintings, painting tools and other art supplies. They believe in the profound health benefits of art therapy and advocate its use for therapeutic and joyful experiences.

Featured Products: Diamond Painting, Oil Painting

Pros: Various pattern designs, both working with artists and using AI to create paintings

Cons: There are issues with canvas stickiness or inconsistent diamond quality, which may affect the finish and quality of the artwork.



Craftily is a small, family-owned diamond painting business located in Fort Worth, Texas. The company was founded in late 2019 by Michael Rasor, his wife Amy, and a few friends. Their product range mainly covers diamond paintings and diamond painting accessories, aiming to enable customers to create exquisite works of art by attaching diamonds.

Featured Products: Craftibly Telescoping Storage Tube

Pros: Clear graphics and earn cash back rewards with every purchase.

Cons: There are few products, many products have been discontinued, and the selection of products is limited.



Treasure Studios Art

Treasure Studios Art's main business goal is custom diamond paintings, but they also help other artists showcase their amazing art on their platform. Treasure Studios Art is based in Australia but ships worldwide.

Featured Products: Custom Creation Diamond Paintings

Pros: Products made to order, high quality.

Cons: Some designs may not suit all user preferences, and customized products may take a long time to meet expectations.



That’s all the information about the 10 best diamond painting companies. If you like this kind of articles, you can also check out 5 Recommended Brands of Diamond Painting Stickers.

Each of these brands has their own pros and cons, and the final choice comes down to personal preference, skill level, and preference for product features. To choose the most suitable one, it is best to check the official website and user reviews. Which websites do you usually buy diamond paintings or tools from? Leave a comment and tell us your favorite brand.

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