Things About Diamond Painting Drills

10 FAQs About Diamond Painting Drills

Drills are necessary accessories for diamond painting. I will bring the FAQ of diamond painting drills to help you solve the questions you often encounter during the creative process.

In diamond painting, drills are used to fill in pre-designed patterns on the canvas. Drills are small, faceted, decorative items commonly used in crafts, jewelry, and diamond paintings.

These small drills are usually made of resin, plastic or similar materials. Drills have multiple facets. This design causes light to reflect and refract on the surface of the drills, creating a unique shine and sparkle. This article will bring the FAQ of diamond painting drills to help you answer the questions you often encounter during the creative process.

Why do they call them drills?

In diamond painting, drill does not refer to a power tool, but a special kind of small bead. There is speculation that they are called drills because they fill the holes by drilling them into the canvas. Others think it's a translation issue, because when you back-translate "plastic bit" in Simplified Chinese, it comes out as "plastic drill bit." But don't get hung up on it, if you don't want to call it a drill, you can call them gems, beads, rhinestones or just diamonds.

Which is better, square drills or round drills?

There is no better choice between round and square. Many people find round drills easier to place without having to worry about orientation. You can't place square diamonds diagonally, they have to be square to the canvas, so round diamonds are easier for beginners. On the final product, the square diamonds are all placed in the same direction, so the light will hit them in the same way, and the final image will look like it's shimmering in the light. Round drills are not placed in an even row, they can be rotated any way, so the light hits the facets in different ways, making the image appear more shimmery and sparkly. Anyway, just choose the diamond drill you like.

What to do if diamond painting drills stick together?

Sometimes after pouring diamond painting drills into the tray, you will find that some of them stick together, this may be because the weather is too humid. While this is a minor issue, it slows down your creation and it's cumbersome to break them apart with your fingers. In this case, please first find an empty bottle and put the drill bit and coins stuck together into the bottle. If there are no coins, you can use pieces of paper instead. Then put the cap on the bottle, shake the bottle vigorously, and the problem is solved.

How to get perfectly arranged drills in a tray

What should I do if diamond painting drills fall off?

In order to prevent the diamond painting drills from falling off, you should try to be as slow as possible during the diamond painting process, and the drills should be accurate and firm. Tear off as much glue as you like each time. Do not expose it to the air for a long time and allow dust to stick to the canvas, which will cause the canvas to lose its stickiness. After the entire painting is completed, roll it over with a diamond painting roller to ensure that the drills on the canvas are flat and firm. If there are protruding drills, reinforce them. Finally, you can purchase sealing glue at a craft store to seal your diamond painting. Follow these steps and you won’t have any worries about diamond painting drills falling off.

Why you need to save excess diamond drills?

Save extra diamond painting drills in case you run out of drills for another project. Sometimes it's because the drills are damaged, or there aren't enough drills. Mistakes sometimes happen and you receive a pack or two of diamond painting drills in the wrong color. If you buy diamond painting drills again, it will take some transportation time, which will affect your experience. Therefore, it may be helpful to store some extra drills for your future diamond painting creations.

How to store diamond painting beads?

There are many ways to store diamond painting drills, as long as there is a container you can put it in. If you want to differentiate them better you can purchase Storage Containers for Diamond Painting, small storage bags, or even pill boxes. If you're okay with having various colored drills mixed together, you could put it in your whiskey bottle and it would be a great piece of art. It is recommended to purchase a Diamond Painting Storage Containers. This diamond bead storage container from ARTDOT is loved by many people because it has multiple sizes to choose from. No matter how many colors of drills you want to store, you can find the best solution at artdot. And the stored bottles are transparent and have blank labels, so you can write dcms and save them in numerical order to easily distinguish different drills.

How to store diamond painting beads

Artdot Diamond Painting Storage Containers
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What to do if you lack diamond painting drills?

Have you ever found drills in strange places? On the soles of shoes, on beds, on carpets and even on puppies. During the process of completing diamond painting, if you do not have a special storage container, it is easy for drills to be lost. If too many are missing, there will not be enough diamonds to complete the diamond painting. But don’t worry, diamond painting drills are easily available. ARTDOT's 5D Diamond Painting Drills are a great choice. The colors of the drills are numbered according to DMC, with 445 colors, so there are so many choices.


What can you use the leftover diamond painting drills for?

After finishing the diamond painting, there are a lot of diamonds left, but you don’t know what to use them for? There are many ways to use these diamond painting drills. You can use them to make handicrafts, such as mobile phone cases, hairpins, jar crafts, manicure, diamond painting stickers, etc. This was introduced in our previous article "10 creative ideas of crafts with leftover diamond painting beads", so I won't introduce it here. If you are interested, you can click to view it.

 What can you use the leftover diamond painting drills for

What should I do if drills are spilled?

If all the diamond painting drills in the tray are scattered, they can be easily collected on a clean table, but what if they are all scattered on the carpet? Here are two ways to solve it. The first is to use the Lint roller. The Lint roller can easily stick the diamond beads from the carpet. The second method is to use a small vacuum cleaner. This kind of vacuum cleaner is suitable for desktop work and can easily pick up these spilled diamond beads.

How to get perfectly arranged drills in a tray?

Pour the diamond painting drills into the tray, then shake the tray from side to side to arrange the drills evenly. Be careful not to pour too many drills into the tray, as this can easily cause them to spill. Be careful not to disrupt the original order when placing the trays. Buying a large pallet can also solve this problem. The larger the pallet, the more things it can hold. A little trick is to stick some washi tape on the bottom of the tray without vertical lines. This will increase the friction and get more perfectly arranged drills.

Are these problems you often encounter when making diamond paintings? Is my answer helpful to you? If it helps, please don’t forget to share it with fans who also love diamond painting. They also need such answers! If you have any questions, tell me in the comments and I will compile the most useful FAQs for you.

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Can the canvas be rolled once you have started placing the diamonds?

Can the canvas be rolled once you have started placing the diamonds?

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