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Comment éliminer les rides d'une toile de peinture diamant ?

Why Eliminate Wrinkles on Diamond Art Painting Canvas?

Diamond painting is one of the latest craft crazes and it is especially attractive for those who like to try new things and ideas. Whether you've done a few projects before or just opened your first set, you've probably noticed some wrinkles on your canvas diamond artwork. While these are completely normal and won't affect your finished product, flattening your 5D Diamond Painting Canvas can make it easier to work with and help ensure a perfect finish.

However, if you do encounter wrinkles or creases in your 5D diamond painting canvas kits, here are some methods to remove them:

Ways to Remove Wrinkles from Diamond Art Canvas:

  1. Try Reverse Rolling Your DIY Diamond Painting Canvas:
   - Lay the canvas on a flat, clean surface with the front side facing down.
   - Gently roll up the canvas in the opposite direction of the wrinkles, making sure not to apply too much pressure to avoid damaging the diamonds or adhesive.
   - Let the canvas sit rolled up in the reverse direction for a few hours or overnight.
   - Unroll the canvas, and the wrinkles should be reduced or gone.
  1. Iron Your Diamond DotzCanvas
   - This method is applicable only if the diamond painting canvas is made of fabric (do not use on paper-based canvases).
   - Set your iron to a low heat setting (no steam) and allow it to warm up.
   - Place a thin cotton cloth or parchment paper over the wrinkled area to protect the canvas from direct heat.
   - Gently press the iron over the cloth or parchment paper in circular motions. Be careful not to leave the iron in one spot for too long to avoid damaging the adhesive or the canvas.
   - Check the canvas regularly to avoid overheating it, and repeat the process as necessary until the wrinkles are minimized.
  1. Weighted Flat Press Your Diamond Art Painting:

   - Lay the Diamond art Painting canvas on a flat surface, front side up.
   - Place a clean, heavy object (like a stack of books) on top of the wrinkled area.
   - Let it sit for several hours or overnight to allow the weight to flatten the Diamond canvas.

Remember, always exercise caution and test any method on a small inconspicuous area of the diamond dotz art canvas first to ensure it doesn't cause damage.

For this reason, ARTDOT has specially designed cylindrical diamond painting kits packaging to prevent creases in the diamond painting canvas. The sturdy round packaging provides perfect protection for your diamond art canvas and allows you to use it for storing completed or ongoing diamond art kits.

Why choose ARTDOT Diamond Painting Kits?

(Click on the picture to view the details of thediamond painting kit)

The 5D Diamond Painting Canvas——Experience a luxurious touch with Artdot diamond painting canvas art kit, crafted from premium velvet. Our canvases are printed using an HD printer, ensuring each symbol is clearly defined with independent background color, circle color, and symbol color. This meticulous design guarantees high contrast and effortless recognition, enhancing your 5d diy diamond painting kits experience.

The Tube Packaged for Diamond Art Kits——We are aware that creases on the canvas can disrupt your diamond artwork experience. That's why we have meticulously crafted the packaging using a round-tube design, ensuring that you no longer need to worry about creases or wrinkles interfering with your masterpiece. The tube is also a great place to store your finished diamond painting art.

The Aurora Borealis Diamond Dots——The ARTDOT Diamond art kit comes with 2 or 3 aurora borealis diamonds. When light hits an AB diamond, it reflects in various colors, creating a rainbow-like effect that is eye-catching and beautiful.

Diamond Art Painting Kits Package Included:

  • 1 X Canvas
  • 1 X Color Code Sticker
  • 1 X ARTDOT Tray
  • 1 X Washi Tape
  • 1 X Heart Wax
  • 1 X Pen
  • 2 X Freestyle Sticker
  • Diamond Painting Drills Set ( Including Aurora Borealis Diamond Drills )

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