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Diamond painting might be a fairly modern form of art, but it gives anyone the ability to make stunning designs. Creating your next masterpiece requires a few things–passion, supplies, and storage. Diamond painting can take up a lot of space as a hobby, making it important to have a simple way to keep your supplies together. In this article, we will look into the best ways to store your diamond painting supplies!

Diamond Painting Storage Accessories for Every Creator

Every crafter has their own opinion about how to maintain art supplies, but dedicated storage can make it really easy. Let’s look at the different kinds of diamond painting storage options available.

Multi-Function Diamond Painting Containers

For the crafter who likes to keep everything in one place, the multi-function diamond painting container option cannot be beaten. It has everything that you need to organize all of your favorite supplies–and a few extras too!


Whether you love things neat and tidy or you are just trying to control the constant mess that is your craft space, this container makes it simple to keep your diamond painting supplies and accessories together in one place. Including drawers, racks, and systems for organization, you can keep everything you need in one location. It even includes an anti-spill funnel, markers, and blank stickers for all of your labeling needs!

Diamond Painting Storage Containers

Sometimes, you just need a standard container set or two to pull your favorite supplies together. With these diamond painting storage containers, you get everything that you need to sort and organize your beads by color. The box can hold 28 or 64 containers, allowing you to keep your favorite colors organized and easy to find. Even better, these multi-functional bead containers can be used in several other ways, like storing pills, jewelry, nail supplies, and more.

Stackable Diamond Painting Storage

When you really love a hobby, it is easy to end up with quite a few supplies–especially if you find yourself shopping the sales! With stackable diamond painting storage containers, you can make it easy to scale your storage as your collection of supplies grows. Available in two different designs, you can choose if you want round bottles or square bottles.

Diamond Painting Storage Case

Home storage is great, but there might come a time when you want to travel with your diamond painting supplies. With a dedicated storage case, you can carry all of your favorite tools and colors to make beautiful creations on the go. Available in black and pink, these containers are made to keep your supplies safe and organized, even during travel.

Diamond Painting Art Storage Album

After you have put in the work to create your most recent masterpiece, chances are you will want to put it somewhere safe. A diamond art storage album is the perfect way to preserve your work and make it easy to transport. One diamond painting storage album can hold up to 60 pieces paintings! Whether you are planning on taking your art to a loved one or you just need a temporary storage space for completed projects, this album will keep your artwork protected from harm and keep them looking great too.

The Takeaway

Every hobby has its supplies, and diamond painting is one hobby that can take up a lot of space. Choosing storage options that are made specifically for diamond painting makes it much easier for you to focus on being creative instead of searching for your supplies. To find the best diamond painting storage and accessories, explore ARTDOT’s collections today!


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