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Advice on how to store diamond painting in progress


What is Diamond Painting Storage?

Diamond painting storage and containers refers to a specialized storage device or tool used to store materials and tools for diamond painting.

Diamond Art Storage Designed with practicality in mind, diamond painting organizer helps keep the materials and tools for diamond painting well-organized, preventing any loss or confusion, and facilitating convenient storage and portability. It is a commonly used accessory among diamond painting enthusiasts and enhances the efficiency and enjoyment of the crafting process.

This article will give you some advice on how to store diamond painting in progress, please continue reading if you are interested.

Can you roll up a finished diamond painting?

The answer is yes. Of course, before rolling up your diamond painting, you need to apply a layer of sealing glue to it to ensure that the diamonds will not fall off. Artdot's diamond painting kit is packaged in a tube. After unpacking, you can keep the package and put your diamond painting inside when needed. This is also a great way to test for careless diamond painting. If you don’t have tube packaging you can tie it off with string.

How to Store Diamond Painting in Progress

  1. Flat Work Surface: Find a flat and dedicated work surface where you can place and work on your diamond painting in progress.
  1. Craft Mat or Board: Use a craft mat or a large foam board to provide a smooth and protective work area.
  1. Rolling Method (Recommended):

   - Purchase a large, sturdy cardboard tube (PVC or plastic tubes are also suitable).

   - Carefully roll the canvas around the tube, starting from one edge and moving towards the other. Make sure the diamond beads are facing inward to prevent them from falling off.

   - Use rubber bands or Velcro straps to secure the rolled diamond art canvas kit in place, ensuring You diamond painting canvas stays tight and neat.

"You can take inspiration from the packaging storage box of ARTDOT Diamond Painting kits; the sturdy cylindrical casing allows you to store diamond paintings effectively."

Artdot Diamond Painting Folder Book

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  1. Flat Storage Method:

   - If you have a dedicated flat storage space, place the diamond painting face-up on the flat surface.

   - Cover the 5d diamond painting canvas kit with a large sheet of parchment paper or a silicone release paper to protect the diamond beads and keep them in place.

   - Gently place a flat object or a lightweight board over the parchment paper to keep everything flat and secure.

    5. Use a Diamond Art Storage Folder or Kit Bag:Consider using a diamond painting storage folder or kit bag, which can hold your diamond art canvas, diamond art beads, and diamond painting tools securely especially when you need to transport your project.

The diamond painting in progress

You can consider ARTDOT's diamond painting storage folders, which comes with high-clarity sheet protectors, offering a premium display for your 5D diamond art kits.

How to Store Finished Diamond Painting?

  1. Frame the Diamond Painting: If you plan to display your finished diamond art painting, the best way to store it is by framing it under glass. This protects the diamond painting canvas, preserves the craft beads' sparkle, and allows you to hang it on the wall as a beautiful piece of art.
  1. Use a Sealant (Optional): Before framing, you can apply a sealant specifically designed for diamond paintingskit. This will further secure the 5d diamond beads and prevent them from falling off over time.
  1. Keep Diamond Painting Canvas Flat: If framing is not an option, store the finished diamond painting flat. Lay it face-up on a clean, flat surface and cover it with a protective sheet like parchment paper or silicone release paper to prevent dust and debris from sticking to the surface.
  1. Roll and Tube Crafts Storage Containers: If you don't have space to store it flat, you can gently roll the finished diy diamond painting(Diamond Dotz facing inward) around a large tube or a cardboard roll. Use rubber bands or Velcro straps to keep it securely rolled, but avoid rolling it too tightly to prevent creasing.
  1. Use Diamond Art Storage Containers: There are specially designed diamond painting storage containers available with flat compartments where you can store your finished diamond paintings without rolling them.


Storage Recommendations for 5D Diamond Painting:

If you are a beginner in diamond painting kit, it is recommended that you consider purchasing ARTDOT's diamond painting kits. Their outer packaging comes in a sturdy cylindrical shape, ensuring that your diamond painting canvas remains wrinkle-free. Whether your 5d diamond art kit is completed or in progress, you can easily roll them up and store them back into the packaging storage box. Additionally, the diamond art containers provides pattern and category labels, making it very convenient.

Use the storage bag to protect your diamond painting

ARTDOT's Diamond Art Kits

*The Tube Packaged Box—We are aware that creases on the canvas can disrupt your diamond artwork experience. That's why we have meticulously crafted the packaging using a round-tube design, ensuring that you no longer need to worry about creases or wrinkles interfering with your masterpiece. The tube is also a great place to store your finished diamond painting art.

*The Diamond Painting Canvas—Experience a luxurious touch with Artdot diamond dotz canvas, crafted from premium velvet. Our canvases are printed using an HD printer, ensuring each symbol is clearly defined with independent background color, circle color, and symbol color.

*The Aurora Borealis Diamond—The ARTDOT Diamond art kit comes with 2 or 3 aurora borealis diamonds. When light hits an AB diamond, it reflects in various colors, creating a rainbow-like effect that is eye-catching and beautiful.


For experienced diamond painting enthusiasts, it is suggested that you explore ARTDOT's Diamond Painting Portfolio Folder. They offer three sizes, A1, A2, and A3, capable of holding up to 60 diamond paintings. This diamond art storage portfolio folder allows you to store both completed and ongoing diamond paintings, keeping them flat and making it easy to carry. It also offers the option of hanging them for display.

ARTDOT's Diamond Art Folder Book

*High Transparency—With high-clarity sheet protectors that provide a premium display for your 5D diamond art kits. The clear pockets allow you to easily show off your creations, and with just a few simple flips, you can share all your diamond art with friends and family.

*Protective Sleeve—The protective sleeve is made of premium materials that guard against dirt, dust, and moisture, ensuring that your finished diamond art and diamond painting tools stay clean and shining.

*Take It Everywhere—It features an adjustable handle and a lightweight design, making it easy to take with you wherever you go.


Remember to keep your diamond paintings away from direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, and moisture to ensure they remain in excellent condition for years to come.

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I’m a big fan of artdot I’ve been following you guys for two years and look forward to more new canvases!

I’m a big fan of artdot I’ve been following you guys for two years and look forward to more new canvases!

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