Large Diamond Painting Trays

Why is it Necessary to Develop Large Diamond Painting Trays

In order to solve many problems that arise during the production of diamond paintings, ARTDOT launch a new large diamond painting trays to make the production process smoother and more enjoyable.

When purchasing a diamond painting kit, the kit will come with the tools needed for diamond painting, including a tray. But generally the gift trays are the most basic style. More and more crafters want large diamond painting trays.

This traditional green small-sized tray can no longer meet the needs of diamond painting enthusiasts for high-quality production. In order to solve many problems that arise during the production of diamond paintings, ARTDOT decided to launch a new large diamond painting trays to make the production process smoother and more enjoyable.

Problems encountered when using small trays

When using small-sized diamond painting tray, most people report the following problems.

 Small scope of application: Small-sized trays can only accommodate a few drills, and drill beads need to be added repeatedly.

 Difficulty Arranging Neatly and Organized: Due to their small size, the diamonds on the tray may be difficult to place neatly and orderly in the correct position.

 Cannot be stacked and stored stably: Due to design issues, ordinary diamond painting trays cannot be stacked and stored conveniently and stably, which may lead to difficulties in temporary storage.

 Poor quality: General pallets are only made of thin plastic, are of poor quality and are easily damaged.

 Unheightened opening: The unheightened opening design may make it easy for diamonds to spill out, and it is not easy to recycle and store them, which may increase the trouble of cleaning and organization.

Because many users have reported problems such as this, the market needs to improve products and improve users’ diamond painting experience.

What about Artdot large diamond painting trays

Artdot develops new products based on user needs and launches a large diamond painting trays kit. There are ten trays in the ARTDOT large diamond painting trays kit, including 6 medium-sized trays and 4 small-sized trays, equipped with brushes and spoons.

The outer packaging is exquisite, not only suitable for your own use, but also suitable for giving to friends who have the same hobbies as you. The following are the features and user feedback of the improved ARTDOT trays.

diamond painting trays kit


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There are 10 trays in a kit, 6 medium-sized and 4 small-sized. Allows you to paint multiple colors at one time to meet the different needs of users.

● User feedback: I think they would be awesome especially when you have a large painting with a huge amount of one or more of several colors to tackle!

I'd love to be able to pour a lot a lot of diamonds at once instead of having to continually having to refill my trays! (Karen Mehrtens via Facebook)


Image via from Amazon user Joe C

Image via from Amazon user Joe C

Artdot’s large diamond painting trays can be freely connected and combined for easy and neat placement. It can prevent the drill tray from sliding and improve the operating experience.

User feedback: Awesome tray! They stack perfectly and the diamond lignup pretty good. (review from cyndi pb user on Amazon)


Image via from Facebook user Kirsty Turek

Image via from Facebook user Kirsty Turek

The bottom of the trays has a groove design that can be stacked firmly on top of each other for temporary storage.

● User feedback: I have got these and they were so handy when I was doing my last canvas and there were three dominant colors in the last few sections that I could keep the drills in their trays and stack them and just swap the trays round as I needed them. (Darren Patis via Facebook)


Image via from Facebook user Luna Bo
Image via from Facebook user Luna Bo

ARTDOT has a raised tray opening, which effectively prevents drills from overflowing and makes it easy to pour into storage containers.

● User feedback: I got mine last week n have been using them since they arrived to get a feel for them. After using DAC kit trays for the longest I have to say these are a treat. The little spill guard is quite helpful n I love how they stack up.

It saves me time of time while working on areas with lots of confetti n makes it so I don't spill. The 2 sizes also make things easier. I use the big ones for colors that I need a lot of n the sheet ones for when I don't need that many. So far the trays are worth it to me. (Jeanette via Facebook Newsted)


Image via from Facebook user Kayliegh Knowles

The appearance design of the large diamond painting trays kit is carefully colored blue. Fun concept with "NO CATS ALLOWED" printed on the back.

● User feedback: I got these partly cause of design and partly for the funny picture on the back. But they do work good for me!

Of course it has been funny when my cat jumped on one of the exposed areas and his paw stuck to the canvas. He freaked out and ran off and hasn't bothered the canvas since. Haha (Molacai77 from reddit)


Image via from Amazon user Joe C

Image via from Amazon user Joe C

The kit comes with a brush and spoon to help when storing drills.

● User feedback: I find it helps if you use the little brush to sort of control the flow, but I use these cylinder containers which have quite a big opening so it may be easier for me. (Aetra via reddit)

The crafter who using the diamond painting trays


Q&A about large diamond painting trays

Q: Will the buckle break?

-Doesn't happen under normal circumstances. However, this situation may occur if it is forcibly disassembled and the disassembly direction is incorrect. Therefore, clear product usage instructions will be provided in the kit, please follow the tutorial.


Q: How many drill trays are there?

-There are 10 pieces in total, available in two sizes, 6 medium and 4 small.


Q: Can I add a cover?

-The empty drill trays can be used as a spare cover, which can be superimposed on the drill trays equipped with diamond painting drills to function as a cover.


Q: How to connect the drill tray?

-Align the connection port and insert it downward into the empty slot to complete the connection.


Q: How to disassemble the drill disc?

-Hold the interconnected drill discs firmly while applying force in opposite directions for easy removal.


Q: How to prevent overflow?

-It has an anti-spill opening design. When shaking or dumping diamonds, stack the empty drill trays on top of the drill trays containing diamonds to more effectively prevent spillage.


Q: Do I need a spoon for small jar storage containers?

-Generally, small jar storage containers are usually poured directly, while spoons are mainly used for larger size storage containers.


Q: Will the drill get stuck?

-No under normal circumstances, it is also equipped with brush auxiliary operation under special circumstances.


Q: Will the cat icon on the back of the diamond tray fade?

-No, after testing, there is no obvious color fading.

Tips for ARTDOT Blue Trays

  1. Trays stackable. Use one blank tray as a lid by stacking it on top of others. Prevent diamonds from spilling when shaking. Assists transfer drills (no funnel required)


  1. Splicing method. Both sides of the tray adopt a buckle design, allowing two or more trays to be spliced into a whole. Large and small trays can also be spliced together at will.


  1.  Disassembly method. Ensure the tray's hole is upward, lay the trays flat on the table, and lift them off one by one from the buckles.


  1. Stack trays securely for organized, ready-to-use diamond painting tools.





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