Tips on What do you do with all of the extra diamond painting beads?

Tips on What do you do with all of the extra diamond painting beads?

Diamond painters often encounter two common problems when processing diamond paintings. First, when completing a diamond painting, they may have leftover diamond dots or run out of certain colors. While buying additional diamond art beads to supplement the missing ones is possible, it can result in a surplus of painting beads. So, what should one do in such a situation?

Secondly, Diamond painting beginners often struggle with finding the needed color codes during the diamond painting process. Additionally, if they don't properly store the diamond painting drills, they can easily scatter on the desk or floor, causing inconvenience. Are there any good solutions to address these issues? Let's explore them together.

What do you do with all of the extra diamond painting beads

There are several options for dealing with excess diamond painting beads:

1.Store them for future projects: Keep the leftover painting beads organized by color and store them in small labeled containers or ziplock bags. These diamond art beads can be used for future diamond painting projects, allowing you to save money and reduce waste.
2.Use them for other crafts: Diamond dots beads can be used in various other crafts, such as jewelry making, scrapbooking, or decorating objects like phone cases, picture frames, or candle holders. Think outside the box and explore different creative endeavors with the surplus craft beads.
3.Try small diamond painting art: You can use your remaining diamond art beads for small creative diamond painting stickers, diamond art keychains, diamond art coasters, etc. If you have more diamond beads left, you can use them Customize a diamond painting canva with your favorite pattern and complete it.
4.Share or exchange with fellow artists: Connect with other diamond painting enthusiasts through online platforms or local communities. You can offer your surplus diamond dot beads to fellow diamond painting artists who might need them or exchange them for different dimond dots colors that you require for your diamond art projects.

How to Prevent the Diamond Dots from Scattering During the Process?

Sorting and arranging the diamond art beads efficiently is a crucial step in any diamond painting project to prevent the painting beads from scattering and make the process smoother. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

Materials you'll need:

— diamond painting Beads containers or organizers: These can be small containers with compartments or special diamond painting storage solutions. Containers are generally designed as square or round. When purchasing, you need to find out the number and capacity of the containers you need.
— Labeling materials: Stickers, marker pens, or a label maker to mark containers with color codes.ARTDOT's label stickers are designed to match the size of the container, because you can use it directly. If your stickers are not cut according to the size of the container, you also need to prepare a pair of scissors for manual cutting.

Step-by-step sorting and arranging process:

1.Prepare your diamond art workspace:
— Clear a clean, well-lit area to work on your diamond dot project.
— Set up your diamond painting canvas on a flat, stable surface.
2.Gather your diamond art materials:
— Have all your beads, applicator pen, and tray or organizing containers ready.
3.Refer to the legend or code chart:
— Your diamond painting kit should include a legend or code chart that matches each color to a symbol or code on the canvas. Use this as a reference.
4.Sort by beads color:
— Start by opening your bead packages or containers.
— Sort the painting beads by color, placing each color into its own container or compartment in your organizing system.
5.Label your diamond dots containers:
— Use stickers, marker pens, or a label maker to mark each container or — compartment with the corresponding color code or symbol from your legend.
6.Work methodically:
— Start with a small section of your diamond art canvas and work methodically, one color at a time.
— Pick up diamond beads with your applicator pen and place them carefully onto the corresponding symbols on the canvas.
7.Store and secure extra diamond painting beads:
— If you have leftover diamond beads from one session, make sure to store them — securely in their containers to prevent them from spilling or mixing with other colors.
8.Regularly close diamond dot storage containers:
— Keep the beads containers or compartments closed when not in use to minimize the risk of accidental spills or scattering.

    By following these steps and maintaining a well-organized workspace, you can ensure that the beads in your diamond painting project are sorted and arranged effectively, reducing the chances of scattering and making the process more enjoyable and efficient.

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