Diamond Painting Stickers

5 Recommended Brands of Diamond Painting Stickers

Diamond painting stickers are suitable for anyone aged 5 to 70 years old and are the perfect gift for any holiday. It is simpler than diamond painting and does not take as long to complete. 

If you are a beginner in diamond painting, then you must take a look at diamond painting stickersDiamond painting stickers kits are suitable for anyone aged 5 to 70 years old and are the perfect gift for any holiday. It is simpler than diamond painting and does not take as long to complete. This kind of sticker has no color blocks. You can use your imagination to make a beautiful finished product. The completed stickers can be used to decorate your notebook, cup, mobile phone case, refrigerator, etc.

What is diamond painting stickers

Diamond painting stickers are actually smaller, simplified versions of diamond paintings. It is not as big as the diamond painting size, and only a few hundred diamond beads need to be dotted for each sticker. It does not distinguish color blocks, which means there are no color restrictions. You can use your imagination and use different color collisions to complete your works. There are many different pattern styles in a set of stickers, so you can choose whatever you like to complete.

A diamond painting sticker kit generally includes stickers, diamond pens, trays, wax and diamond bag sets. Tip: If you don’t want to unpack new diamond beads, you can use the remaining diamond beads from the diamond painting process. This is also a way to deal with extra diamond painting beads.

After you've finished painting the diamond, carefully cut around the edges of the picture to create stickers. The picture sticker can then be applied to any surface, including laptops, notebooks, water bottles, and more. Diamond painting stickers not only give your items a unique and personalized look, but they also reflect your creativity and hard work.

Advantages of diamond painting stickers

Short time required: There are fewer points required to complete a free post, so it takes less time.

Stimulate imagination: There are no color restrictions for stickers. You can use any color you want to complete your work.

Many patterns: There will be a variety of different patterns in one set, and there will definitely be a pattern you like.

Relax your mind and body: When you want to get rid of the fatigue caused by work, you might as well make a few random posts, which will not only relax your mind, but also give you a full sense of accomplishment.

Enhance parent-child relationship: This kind of sticker is very popular with children, and completing it with children can enhance the relationship between each other.

High cost performance: Generally speaking, diamond painting stickers are cheaper. If you are a beginner, you can buy diamond painting stickers to try first, and then advance to diamond painting.


ARTDOT diamond painting stickers include 38 patterns, each of which is exquisite and beautiful. Comes with a complete set of diamond painting tools and 48 packs of diamond beads. You can make random stickers and use them to transform your phone cases, laptops, etc. Artdot's products are affordable, only 9.9$ for 38 stickers, which is very cost-effective. And artdot often has discounts and promotions, so the more you buy, the better the deal.

Price: 9.9$, 38 piece in total

Recommendation index: five stars ★★★★★

Diamond painting sticker from artdot:

 artdot sticker diamond painting 


Diamond painting stickers from Paintwithdiamonds, available in 6 different themes, each theme contains 12 piece. Small and easy to complete, each sticker features special crystal diamonds that create a dazzling 3D effect that will never fade.

Price: 19.9$, 12 piece in total

Recommendation index: 3.5 stars★★★☆

Diamond painting sticker from Paintwithdiamonds:

Paintwithdiamonds diamond painting sticker



Diamondartclub's diamond painting sticker theme is Marvel superheroes, with a total of 15 patterns. If you are a Marvel fan, you can choose this one. Diamondartclub hopes that the Marvel Super Hero stickers will light up your world together, they sparkle and you can feel the protection they radiate.

Price: 19.9$, 15 piece in total

Recommendation index: 4 stars  ★★★★

Diamond painting sticker from Diamondartclub:



vizuarts has 13 themes to choose from, including Fast Food, Insect People, African Safari, Alien Invasion, Gaming Console, Bee Colony, etc. The number of stickers varies for different themes.

Price: 14.9$

Recommendation index: 3.5 stars ★★★☆

Diamond painting sticker from vizuarts:



Diamondpaintingsart's random stickers have 12 themes to choose from, including Disney princesses, vehicles, cartoon girls, dinosaurs, unicorns, Doraemon, etc.

Price: 9.9$ for 12 photos in total

Recommendation index: 4 stars ★★★★

Diamond painting sticker from Diamondpaintingsart:


Go buy the diamond paintings you like and post them as you like! Enjoy painting together, happy painting.

If you want to discuss your experience and knowledge with more diamond painting enthusiasts, please join our FB group and let's paint happily together.

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