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5 Key Comparisons of Diamond Painting Putty vs Wax

One poll showed that most people prefer to use wax for sticking drills, while some still prefer diamond painting putty. So, diamond painting putty vs wax, which one is the better choice?

Some time ago, we conducted a survey on diamond painting putty vs wax to find out what people prefer to use. The poll showed that most people still prefer to use diamond painting wax as a tool for sticking drills.

But there are still some people who like to use diamond painting putty. In this case, who is the audience of putty and what are its characteristics? Diamond painting putty vs wax, which one is the best choice?

This article will compare the characteristics, usage methods and user reviews of diamond painting putty and wax to help you choose the most suitable tool.

Diamond painting putty vs wax: persistence

Diamond Painting Putty

Diamond painting putty is known for its high-viscosity material, which can maintain its adhesion for a long time. Once applied to the diamond painting brush, putty can be used continuously for hours or even longer without frequent replacement. This is especially important for large-scale, complex diamond painting works. Because it provides stable and long-lasting adhesion, allowing creators to focus on artistic creation.

Diamond Painting Wax

In contrast, wax has a weaker persistence. Although wax has good viscosity at the beginning of use, as the use time increases, the viscosity gradually weakens, causing users to frequently replace the wax. This may affect work efficiency and creative experience for long-term work or large-scale works. Frequent replacement of wax not only increases the complexity of operation, but may also lead to discontinuity of the work.

Diamond painting putty vs wax: convenience of use

Diamond Painting Putty

The use of putty requires certain skills and adaptation time. Due to its strong viscosity, beginners may feel uncomfortable when using it for the first time, and it takes time to master the correct amount and method of use. However, once the use skills are mastered, the adhesion effect and durability provided by putty are very significant. Experienced users usually prefer putty because it reduces the trouble of frequently changing adhesive tools and improves the consistency and efficiency of creation.

Diamond Painting Wax

Wax is relatively easy to use and requires little to no special skills. Users simply press the diamond brush tip onto the wax block to easily pick up diamonds and adhere them to the canvas. This ease makes wax a great choice for beginners, who can quickly pick it up and start creating. However, wax does not stick as long as putty, and frequent changes may interrupt your creative flow.

diamond painting wax

Diamond painting putty vs wax: price

Diamond Painting Putty

Putty is relatively expensive, and the cost per purchase is slightly higher than wax. However, due to its longer lifespan, the total cost of diamond painting putty may be more attractive.

Diamond Painting Wax

The single purchase cost of wax is low, and generally diamond painting wax is included in every diamond painting kit. Therefore, beginners usually choose wax for diamond painting.

Diamond painting putty vs wax: diamond painting effect

Diamond Painting Putty

Putty leaves almost no residue during use, which helps to maintain the luster of the diamonds and the neatness of the diamond art canvas. Due to the high viscosity of putty, the diamonds can be firmly attached to the canvas, reducing the possibility of falling off. This is essential to ensure the final effect and quality of the work.

Diamond Painting Wax

Wax may leave fine residues on diamonds and canvases during use, affecting the luster of diamonds and the neatness of canvases. Such residues not only affect the beauty of the work, but may also make the diamonds less firmly adhered, increasing the workload of later maintenance. Therefore, for users who pursue high-quality and fine works, these shortcomings of wax may be a greater problem.

Diamond painting putty vs wax: user reviews

Diamond Painting Putty

  • "It works amazing with zero residue left on my drills!"
  • "I'm finding that it's always squishing out around the diamonds when I pick them up, so I'm always having to pull off the excess from the pen tip or squish it back in (almost after every diamond)."
  • "I tried it for a day and I am very much not a fan, the kind I got dried out so fast and barely held onto the drills."

(From Reddit)

The feedback from users on Putty is generally good, especially from experienced diamond painting enthusiasts. They think Putty has superior durability and adhesion. It takes some getting used to for the first time, but once you master the technique, the creative experience is very smooth. Users especially appreciate Putty's stable performance during long-term creation and its good protection of diamonds and canvas.


Diamond Painting Putty

Diamond Painting Wax

  • "I decided to try using Putty rather than wax, since I was constantly having to refill the pen when I used the pink wax."
  • "I like using the wax that the kits come with but I noticed that I almost constantly have to get more in the pen or when some wax tends to stick to the painting itself."
  • "I got tired of the wax always sticking to the diamond painting drills or coming out in a chunk. It really made diamond painting less enjoyable for me."

(From Reddit)

There is no lack of positive feedback from wax users, especially beginners and those with limited budgets. However, frequent replacement and residue issues are common complaints from users. These issues are particularly evident when working on large areas over a long period of time, affecting the efficiency and quality of the work.


Through the above comparative analysis, it can be seen that diamond painting putty and wax each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Putty has strong durability, good adhesion, and is not easy to leave residue, which is suitable for long-term and high-quality creation. But the price is high and it takes a certain amount of time to adapt.

Wax is cheap, simple to use, and easy to obtain. It is suitable for beginners and short-term creation, but it has weak viscosity, needs to be replaced frequently, and is easy to leave residue.

  • For beginners: It is recommended to start with inexpensive and easy-to-use wax, and gradually adapt to the creation process of diamond painting. When you have a certain degree of proficiency in the operation of diamond painting, you can try to use putty to obtain higher creation quality and longer use time.
  • For experienced users: Putty is recommended, especially when performing complex and long-term creations, the high durability and stability of putty will significantly improve your creative experience and the quality of your work.

Choosing the right adhesive tool depends on personal needs and budget. Reasonable selection can improve the creative experience and quality of diamond painting. By trying different tools, you will find the most suitable option for you, so that you can better enjoy the fun and sense of accomplishment brought by diamond painting.

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