What You Need to Know about Full Drill Diamond Painting

What You Need to Know about Full Drill Diamond Painting

Do not know whether to choose a full drill diamond painting or a partial diamond painting. Don’t worry, this article will tell you the difference between them.

In diamond painting, there are not only multiple choices of diamond painting designs, the difference between square diamonds and round diamonds, but also different ways of presenting the painting. The so-called difference in presentation methods refers to diamond paintings with full diamonds and diamond paintings with partial diamonds.

Many novices who have just tried diamond painting do not understand what this technical term means, and they do not know whether to choose a full drill diamond painting or a partial diamond painting. Don’t worry, this article will tell you the difference between them.

What is Full drill diamond painting

Full drills diamond painting is a unique art form that combines elements of painting and crafts. Use colorful diamond beads as filling material to create a colorful painting.

In All Diamond Paintings, a variety of themes and styles are covered, from simple flowers and animals to complex landscapes and figures. Typically, in full diamond paintings, the pattern design is a rectangular or square complete print on the canvas.

A complete pattern is designed into countless small color blocks. Just like a digital painting, every color block in the painting needs to be filled with small, sparkling diamonds. This is an all-diamond diamond painting. If you want to know how to complete full drills diamond painting, you can click to view this article: Teach you step by step how to do diamond paintings.

Full drill diamond painting VS partial drill diamond painting

As opposed to full drills, there will definitely be partial drills. It has some unique features compared to full drills. In partial drills diamond painting, the entire pattern is also designed to be completely printed on the canvas.

But unlike full drills, not every color block needs to be filled with diamond beads. Diamond beads are used only in areas that need to be highlighted or brightened. Other parts retain the color or texture of the original pattern.

The following are several significant differences in design and production between Full drill diamond painting and partial drill diamond painting:

Filling method: Full drill diamond painting Each color block needs to be filled with diamond. In Partial drill diamond painting, only some of the color blocks of the pattern need to be filled with diamond painting beads.

Bead size and shape: Full drill diamond painting usually uses square and round diamond beads of the same size and shape to fill the entire painting. In addition to square and round diamond beads, Partial drill diamond painting diamond beads may also include irregular-shaped diamond beads.

Production difficulty: The production process of Full drill diamond painting is relatively more tedious and requires more time and patience. The production process of Partial drill diamond painting is relatively simple, making it easier to get started and complete.

Cost-effectivenes: In general partial kits give you less bang for your buck. A partial Diamond Dotz kit of 50 by 7Ocm might have half the drills of a full coverwhile the prices are similar. Also the drill-less areas seem to be more difficult to flatten.

Visual effect: Full drill diamond painting presents a more dazzling effect and has a strong visual impact. Partial drill diamond painting will make the picture more balanced and natural, but not as sparkly.

panda full drill diamond painting

As for which of these two types of diamond painting is best, it depends on personal preference and needs. Those who like detailed and dazzling effects may prefer full-diamond diamond painting. For those who want something simpler and easier to operate, partial diamond painting may be more suitable.

People who are suitable for full drill diamond painting

Full drill diamond painting is suitable for a variety of people, including but not limited to the following categories:

  • Art lovers: People who are passionate about art and like to try various art forms. Diamond painting can be a way for them to express their creativity and aesthetics.
  • Crafts enthusiasts: People who like to create with their hands and have a high interest and patience in fine craftsmanship. Making diamond paintings allows them to have fun creating art.
  • Stress reliever: People who are stressed and busy at work can relax, reduce stress and enjoy the fun of handicraft creation by making full-diamond diamond paintings.
  • Art Therapy Targets: In some mental health treatment programs, art is used as a therapeutic tool. Making diamond paintings can help people regulate their emotions and reduce anxiety and depression.
  • Collectors: As a unique art form, diamond painting has certain collection value.
  • Gift giver: Making diamond paintings can be given as gifts to relatives and friends, which not only reflects your own intentions, but also shows your artistic talent and intention.

Whether you are looking for fun, releasing stress, or pursuing art and aesthetics, all-diamond diamond paintings can meet the needs of different people and become a part of their lives.

sunflower full drill diamond painting

full drill diamond painting are widely used in the market and can be used as home decoration, gift giving, handicraft sales, etc. They are sold on e-commerce platforms, handicraft markets, and offline stores. Due to its unique charm and diverse designs, all-diamond diamond paintings have performed well in the market and are loved and favored by more and more people.

There are many brands of diamond painting, I recommend ARTDOT. ARTDOT is selling full drills diamond paintings, including landscapes, animals, festivals and other themes. The canvas pattern is beautiful and clear, specially designed by the artist.

As a professional diamond painting brand, each color block of artdot's diamond paintings is personally colored by the designer to achieve a perfect restoration of the original painting. ARTDOT's ultra-high-quality diamond painting kits start as low as $9.9 and are widely praised by users. They are the best choice when buying diamond paintings.

Whether as a relaxing activity or as a decoration, full drills diamond painting demonstrates its unique charm and value. As people's demand for handicrafts continues to increase, it is believed that all-diamond diamond paintings will have broader development prospects in the future. Which diamond painting do you prefer? Please discuss it in the comment area.



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