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What is the use of diamond painting light pad?

A diamond painting light pad is a thin, lightweight device that illuminates the surface of your work in progress from underneath. For diamond painters, these devices make it easier to see the grid and differentiate between the different symbols and colors depicted.The light board for diamond art can effectively relieve eye fatigue, and the whole painting process becomes simple and enjoyable.

Diamond Art light board generally have different sizes to choose from, and you can choose the appropriate size according to the size of your canvas.And the diamond painting light board is multipurpose,LED Lightbox creates an excellent setting for Diamond Painting, Sketching & Drawing, Cross embroidery, Animation, Calligraphy, Stenciling, Embossing, Scrapbooking, Sewing projects, Quilting, Applique, etc.


What are the properties of the best diamond dotz light pad?

(1)long life. light board for diamond painting needs to be equipped with bright LED lamp beads that can work for a long time. Bright enough with excellent and flicker-free lighting. Extend the service life of the light board and protect your eyes.

(2)Ultra thin and portable. You can take it away anytime and anywhere, and you can do diamond painting on any occasion, without worrying about moving the light board for diamond art!

(3)Brightness is adjustable. Diamond painting tracing light pad need to be equipped with flicker-free eye-protecting LED lights and adjustable brightness lights to prevent eye fatigue. To provide you with the ideal lighting environment.

(3)Fits the size. The size of the led tracing pad should not be too single. It is recommended to choose a larger size as much as possible, so that it can serve canvases of various sizes at the same time.

(4)multipurpose. The uses of diamond painting light pad are eclectic. Not only suitable for diamond painting, but also can create a great environment for sketching, cross-stitch, animation, calligraphy, stencils, embossing, scrapbooking, sewing projects, quilting, applique and more.

 (5)powered by USB. The light pad for diamond paintingneeds to be equipped with a power adapter that can be plugged in or charged, and can be easily turned on/off by connecting directly to the wall outlet. The light board must be connected to the power supply when it is used. Preferably with a USB cable that can be easily powered on/off by plugging into any USB port (such as a computer or power bank) or directly to a wall outlet


Why choose artdot light pad

ARTDOT® is a brand specializing in the production of diamond painting accessories & storage. Their products are known for their high cost performance and have been recognized by many online celebrities in the field of diamond painting.

artdot light pad also takes into account the characteristics of long life, thin and portable, usb power supply, multiple sizes, multi-purpose, adjustable lighting and so on. artdot led light tracing board is the first choice of many Internet celebrities and diamond art lovers!

artdot led light pad has received more than 50,000 5-star reviews. The most prominent advantages are:

  1. 【Adjustable brightness】 Equipped with flicker-free LED and adjustable 3-Level brightness to prevent eye strain. A protective film and eye-protective LED lamp makes for an ideal lighting environment for working long hours on your art design.
  2. 【Long Life & Slim】Equipped with bright LED beads rated for long working hours. The flicker-free illumination is superior and bright enough for diamond painting art.
  3. 【Multi-usage】 LED light board for diamond artcreates an excellent setting for Diamond Painting, Sketching & Drawing, Cross embroidery, Animation, Calligraphy, Stenciling, Embossing, Scrapbooking, Sewing projects, Quilting, Applique, etc.
  4. 【Powered】 The A1 light padcomes with a power adapter and is easily powered on/off by connecting to a wall outlet directly. The light board must be connected to power when in use. A2, A3, and A4 Diamond Painting light pad come with a USB cable, easily powered on/off by plugging into any USB port like a computer, or power bank or connecting to a wall outlet directly (Note: AC adapter is not included).
  5. diamond painting light board sizes:4 Sizes to Choose,from A1 to A4.


artdot a4 led light pad for diamond paintingARTDOT® a4 led light pad for diamond painting with Adjustable 3-level Brightness

artdot a1 light pad for Diamond Painting

ARTDOT® a1 light pad for Diamond Painting with Adjustable 3-level Brightness

Accessories for diamond dotz light board

ARTDOT®  Accessories for diamond dotz light board


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