Diamond Painting Kits

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38 Freestyle-Diamant-Malerei-Aufkleber-Sets38 Freestyle Diamond Painting Stickers Kits - ARTDOT
38 Freestyle-Diamant-Malerei-Aufkleber-Sets
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Butterfly Diamond Painting Kits - ARTDOTButterfly Diamond Painting Kits - ARTDOT
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Rose Diamond Painting Kits - ARTDOTRose Diamond Painting Kits - ARTDOT
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Day of the Dead Diamond PaintingDisplay Artdot diamond paintings at home
Tag der Toten
AngebotspreisAb $9.99 Regulärer Preis$29.99
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Sunflower diamond painting at sunsetDisplay the sunflower diamond painting in the live room
Sonnenblumen in der Dämmerung
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Colorful tulip diamond paintingDisplay the tulip diamond painting in your house
Das Geheimnis der eisigen Tulpe
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Panda diamond paintingDisplay artdot diamond painting in living room
Blühender Panda
AngebotspreisAb $14.99 Regulärer Preis$39.99
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5D-Diamant-Malerei-Bohrer (89.000 Stück)5D Diamond Painting Drills (89000 Pieces) - ARTDOT
5D-Diamant-Malerei-Bohrer (89.000 Stück)
Angebotspreis$15.99 Regulärer Preis$31.99
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5D-Diamant-Malerei-Bohrer (445.000 Stück)5D Diamond Painting Drills(445000 Pieces) - ARTDOT
5D-Diamant-Malerei-Bohrer (445.000 Stück)
Angebotspreis$29.99 Regulärer Preis$59.98

What is Diamond Painting?

Diamond Painting is a new craft hobby that's a mix between Paint By Numbers and Cross Stitch. With Diamond Painting, you apply thousands of tiny resin "diamonds" to a coded adhesive canvas to create shimmering Diamond Art.

Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitung zur Diamantmalerei

1. Suchen Sie das Symbol auf der Leinwand

2. Sehen Sie sich die Symboltabelle an. Jedes Symbol entspricht einer bestimmten Farbe von Diamantbohrern

3. Finden Sie in der Tabelle die DMC-Farbnummer der Diamantbohrer

4.Pour the diamond beads into the tray

5. Gently shake or tap the tray to level the diamonds

6. Dip the applicator tool into the wax

7. Use the applicator tool to pick up diamond drills

8. Press diamond drills on the canvas’s matching symbol

9. Repeat the process until the diamond painting is complete